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Six core businesses

meet the demand of brands at different stages
and help them grow in all dimensions.

Shelf E-commerce
Private domain E-commerce
Content E-commerce
Channel Management
Brand Incubation
Digital Intelligence solutions


An industrial model leading future development

Intelligent operation platform
Commodity center
Activity management
Intelligent launch
Customer service center
Big data center
Visualized data
Personalized analysis
Intelligent strategy
Private zone solutions
Support the launch of websites and mini-programs under diverse frameworks
Trading system platform
Financial center
Technology innovation center
NLP technology
AI algorithm capability
Open engine
Security strategy center


Provide businesses with support across the value chain

The brand strategy center
Gains consumer insights with data analysis
Industrial trends analysis
Brand diagnosis and growth strategies
Data marketing center
Live streaming
Customer experience center
Customer service solutions by categories
Customized brand solutions
Intelligent public opinion analysis
Warehouse & Logistic Center
Vertical warehouses deployed in multiple locations
Over 300 routes
Intelligent monitoring

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